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SQLBlogCasts is a free service to those folk who want SQL Server related blogs. It's there to support the online community especially in but not limited to the UK.

The site is a partner of the UK SQL Server User Group a group of professionals with an interest in and using Microsoft SQLServer.

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What's New

  • SSAS Partition Manager for both SSAS Tabular Models and SSAS Multidimensional Cubes

    Today I am proud to announce the release of SSAS Partition Manager that can dynamically create partitions in both SSAS Tabular models and SSAS Multidimensional cubes using a wide variety of partitioning schemes (yearly, monthly, weekly etc.).   What is more, for OLAP cubes it correctly sets the MDX in the PartitionSlice property of the partition...
    Posted to Sparks from the Anvil (Weblog) by DrJohn on Tue, May 26 2015
  • PowerQuery – The power of M

    I love PowerBI, actually I love PowerQuery. It's a great way to combine data from around your business, across the web from anywhere. What I really like is very little is done automatically, i.e. it doesn't do the nice data type detection you get with Excel that screws your imports if the data type in a column differs from the first few rows...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Mon, May 18 2015
  • SSAS: Automating OLAP cube deployment, dynamic partitioning and processing

    Imagine been able to deploy your OLAP database, dynamically partition the cube and then process the new database all in one step from an .asDatabase file with minimal configuration.  Well now you can!  Today’s release of the OlapPartitionManager provides a set of features which allow you to do just that.  What is more, for the first time...
    Posted to Sparks from the Anvil (Weblog) by DrJohn on Mon, May 18 2015

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