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SQLBlogCasts is a free service to those folk who want SQL Server related blogs. It's there to support the online community especially in but not limited to the UK.

The site is a partner of the UK SQL Server User Group a group of professionals with an interest in and using Microsoft SQLServer.

If you have any questions or want to participate then contact Tony Rogerson or Simon Sabin

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Income generated from the general areas (not blogs) or sponsorship of the general SQLBlogcasts.com site will go towards funding the UK SQL Server User Group physical regional events. 

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  • Environmental Pollution

    I did a number of posts under the heading “You couldn’t write it”  but in this case it had been so a different subject was required. We’d been looking at an issue which had allegedly been fixed but the testing seemed to present some problems indicating it hadn’t worked. As you would expect there a number of environments, almost all of which contain...

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