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EXAM VOUCHER, one left.

I still have one free exam voucher left from the Launch Tour 2005. You can use it to take one of the following exam:

70-431, 70-536, 70-551, 70-552, 70-553, 70-235

The voucher expires on 31-12-2006, that means you must take it before the new year. I'm sure the Prometric centre at Ealing, London will be open to book. Most of other testing centres will be either fully booked or closed.

Email me or leave comments, then I'll send you the code.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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2.3 GByte/s, can your SAN do that?

Recently I built a new server to run our beloved SQL Server 2005. The design idea came from Dr. Jim Gray's server brick and SQL Server Magazine March 2006 article "Pare Down and Power Up". Major difference with them are: I choose to use SAS JBOD and SAS RAID controller, and SAS drive. So that the RAID-1, RAID-0, RAID-10 jobs are offloaded from server CPU.

Here comes the proof screenshot during my configuration testing with IO Meter:


Figure 1, IO Meter screenshot, 2.37GB/s Reading speed, at a CPU load 4.75%

This is by far the maximum sustainable number I can achieve, although I believe the system could do better, at least in theory. You may argue that I won't get this fast in production, and yes, I agree, only half the spindle will goes for a Very Large Table File Group, others goes for LOG, TempDB, etc. But still, doing a table scan at 1GB/s for a 1TB sized table only need 15 mins.

Here is the challenge for the lucky SAN owners: please use the comment area to show people that your expensive SAN can do better than this. Information needed:

  • Your SAN vendor,
  • Model,
  • Peak speed,
  • Price tag

If anyone can kindly offer some prize, then we can run this as a competition! (Note: I hope Santa is browsing our Blog.)

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