21 September 2008 00:06 maciej

Time to get started?

Well, I have created this blog some time ago but somehow never got around to write anything here. While this is hardly surprising given my very busy schedule (and the fact that I have 3 small kids), I think this is also a major failure on my part. Seems like anyone who can write has a blog (or two) these days so not having one seems like a major oversight. I guess I should start blogging before my kids do (or blogging goes out of fashion, in favor of something else)... :)

So, I decided that it is time to get started. Mostly because I have a bunch of technical stuff that I would like to share with the community, but I would also like to use this blog to connect with people out there - customers, friends, fellow MVPs and people who attend my conference sessions and training. I would like to use it to answer some of the questions I am receiving after my presentations, share the lessons learned while consulting my customers (hence the name of the blog) or just share some thoughts and observations I may have about SQL Server and its surroundings. And I promise that I will try not to insult or annoy anyone while I am doing that... :)

Stay tuned!


# re: Time to get started?

22 September 2008 08:27 by tonyrogerson

Cool Maciej! Hear what you say though; what with work, home life etc... it's difficult to keep up....