A large slice of humble pie please Mr Thomson

In my presentation last night I went through a process by which you can create Raw files so that you can append to them in a for each loop as there is no "Create once for the package" setting for a Raw file. I knew Jamie had covered this in his blog but I was doing a slightly different approach and Jamie raised this in the presentation. As I hadn't read his post properly I dismissed his comments as a heckler from the front row. Well I guess I will be eating humble pie for a while, as Jamie did, when I got home I tested what Jamie had proposed and it worked.

Simply put, the "Append" option will create the file if it doesn't exist. If you need to use the Raw file eslewhere in your package then you will have to create the raw file so that SSIS can determine the columns that will be in the Raw file and as Jamie pointed out this does only need to be done at design time. Jamie has explained with pictures here

Whilst my solution creates an empty file every time the package runs, with Jamie's solution you need to make sure that your package deletes any raw files that already exist.

As for the presentation it went ok towards the end, as Jamie put it "...He comes across as being utterly unprepared..." which was very true for the start. I made the fundamental mistake of moving everything to a machine the night before which screwed everything up. Lesson learnt.

Published 23 June 2006 10:11 by simonsabin
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