Office 2007 - First thoughts

I've finally taken the plunge and installed Office 2007 and thought I would blog my first thoughts (I still have Office 2003 just in case)

As always with a new version there are some things that you think "thats neat". An example is the 3 column view in Outlook that provides task and calendar summary whilst in the mail section. I know something similar was in outlook today but that was useless as I never went to Outlook Today.

"Where the hell is the File menu?". As has been said many times before the Ribbon experience takes a little getting used to. But I do believe the hype that after a few days of floundering productivity should resume. I can see real benefit in the ribbon when designing/formatting documents in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. What previously would require a number of clicks through different menus and dialogs can now be donw very easily and generally with auto preview.

Thats all for now.

Published 07 December 2006 08:20 by simonsabin
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