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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – Building amazing Power BI reports

I always am amazed at what can be done on websites and in reports and in general with technology today to make things look visually amazing. You only have to look at the animated movies nowadays to look at the extremes, or the videos of people using photo shop to morph a cat into a dog. Amazing.  ...
Posted by simonsabin

Reporting Services - Where have my data sources gone

The SQL Server Reporting Services Manager web portal has been re-written for 2016.  and this has provided a number improvements that have made it very quick .   In doing that they’ve made some changes to the UI. The first thing that got me was, “where are my data sources”. I had written a littel...
Posted by simonsabin

Reporting Services 2016 - Wow its quick

I recently installed SQL Server 2016 on my surface to get all our SQLBits reports sorted. What I couldn’t figure out was why it was so quick. I thought it might be because it was a local install and running on an SSD based surface but that couldn’t account for the blazing difference with previous versions...
Posted by simonsabin