Live Meeting: Creating a Star Schema and OLAP Cubes

Published 25 June 09 08:06 PM | sqlartist


I just finished my first live meeting for the UK SQL Server user group on the subject of creating a star schema and OLAP cubes. I think it went well, it was recorded so Ill let you all be the judge of that - presentation to follow.

I spoke way too fast, Tony Rogerson told me I sound "well Cockney" - but depressing as in my own head I sound like Hugh Grant. I spoke way too fast as I am inclinded to do but even though I got through most of my content I defintely forgot loads and apologies to anyone for that. I will follow it up by slowing the next one down and spending much more time on each subject.


 ps. I found out today my Neurologist wants to move my brain implant (not joking) to somewhere else in my body - scheduled for the 14th August



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