30 March 2007 17:52 simonsabin

Should you ask leading or non-leading questions in an interview


I am reviewing my interview questions to try and make them more exhaustive.

I intially started off interviewing with the view that the interviewee should be able to stand up on there own. I'm not going to give them anything. If they can't think of the right answer then mustn't know it. I never wanted to give a interviewee the answer as I felt that defeated the objective.

This I have realised is a bit drastic and you have to find a middle ground. Obviously the more non-leading questions you can give and get the answers you want the better. but where would you start.

For example would you ask "How do you manage replication?" or would you ask "What is RMO/Remplication Monitor etc?" An other example "How do you improve the performance of a query?" or "What is an index?"

I do find the open questions lead on to a few or more more detailed questions. If the interviewee hasn't made that connection and you have to make the step to the more leading questions then you know the level they are at.




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