30 May 2008 06:32 tonyrogerson

Migrating from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server - starting points

The SQL Server engine does not work in the same way as the Oracle one; there are lots of differences and also lot's of different "theory" you need to understand that is quite different from Oracle.

A good starting point in terms of a like for like discussion is in this paper from Microsoft:

Solution Guide for Migrating Oracle on UNIX to SQL Server on Windows

Chapter 5 - Developing: Databases - Migrating the Database Architecture 


Even if you aren't migrating it's a good read.

But the most important reads are probably the Inside SQL Server books (http://www.insidesqlserver.com/) and Ken Henderson's "The Guru's Guid to SQL Server Architecture and Internals".


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23 August 2010 09:41 by easyfrom

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