Porn also comes to Spotify: explicit images that circumvent the app’s bans

Explicit images have been uploaded to the streaming platform in addition to racy audio and erotic stories.

The Internet is a dangerous place, it has already become clear to users in Spain and the rest of the world. However, with some exceptions, there are platforms that are assumed to be ‘safe’ spaces without problematic elements such as pornography or similar things. This should be the case of Spotify, the most famous music streaming application of blonde porn. However, Vice has discovered that this is not the case, with a dodge on the platform’s censorship.

According to Motherboard, there are users who are trying to associate playlists and podcasts with explicit images of pornography on the application. A platform that logically completely prohibits sexual content, but has been overcome by a number of users who have wanted to upload such content.

And it’s not just a matter of explicit images. Motherboard collects cases of profiles that upload pornographic content in the form of audio, either by erotic readings or by creating content to try to sexually lesbian porn satisfy listeners. What’s more troubling, moreover, is that this content can be found in Spotify’s search bar.

Porn on Spotify

Since last Friday, Motherboard detected several content uploads thanks to the app’s search bar. Many of these attempted to pass themselves off as either podcast episodes or Spotify playlists. All of them included direct, uncensored free porn images.

In many of these cases the audio was not even legitimate. These audios contained computer-generated voices, erotic stories narrated by a non-human voice, or even hate speech-related chatter. One podcast episode, as revealed by the media outlet, consisted of more than 10 minutes of anti-Semitic content.

Spotify itself includes a system to block the playback of explicit content, but even activated, these searches appear, so users can still encounter these images. And is that by entering commas or dots in the search bar, you can find content uploaded to the platform.

Spotify, in this regard, is very clear: all content “containing sexually explicit material is prohibited. When content that violates this standard is identified, it is removed,” specifies a spokesperson for the application. The terms spell this out even further, clarifying that “pornography or visual depictions of genitalia or nudity presented for the purpose of sexual gratification” are not allowed.

At this point, most of the content that has been uploaded to Spotify has been removed from the platform. However, Motherboard mentions a particularly raw case from one of its readers: an 8-year-old girl stumbling across such content by inadvertently typing a dot in the app’s search engine on her tablet.


How to make a living with a porn and dating site?

Did you know that it is possible to make a living very simply with a porn site?

Yes indeed, the porn and dating market represents more than 70 million daily searches on the internet and billions of dollars in turnover. Certainly, it is an ultra-competitive environment, but the cake is still enormous to share so it is still possible to easily earn hundreds of dollars each month with one or more sites. All you have to do is to create an adult site and, in this article,, we will show you how to set up your pages with videos and, especially, how to bring content to your website.

The information on this article is created to show you how easy it is to set up a porn site with minimal investment and with relatively few efforts so you can make a living out of porn and/or dating sites.

A step-to-step guide to start making money out of porn websites

First, you will have to choose a niche… Wait for a second, you still don’t know what is a niche? Well, your niche will be determined by the particular kind of porn sites you are longing to create, it could be that your website it is specialized in a specific category such as “unfaithful women” (27,000 monthly searches) or “adultery” (110,000 monthly searches) for example! You will offer free content and then, once you have a captive audience that desires your content, you start launching paid content to remunerate you… Yes, you might think it’s not top ethical but what you want it’s to make money from niches that are not so well exploded but that are potential growth markets.

Once you have found the niche of your site, you will have to buy the domain name… for example, be careful, this is only an example! You can buy your domain name at the same time as your hosting. Then you will have to host your site. Indeed, the domain name is offered when you take hosting with them. Best of all, you can then host as many sites as you want because everything is unlimited with them.

Once you’ve set up the site and your hosting, install WordPress. Creating a video streaming website is a snap with WordPress and the right plugins. Making a site with this CMS is really intuitive and does not require any particular technical knowledge (no need to know how to code).


Now that you have a captive audience, the next step is to become an affiliate of porn and dating agencies! Basically, you advertise them, you make sure you send traffic to their sites and they pay you on signups. It’s much simpler than you think and honestly, men easily take out their credit card when they are in trouble.

Now, if your problem is creating content for your new porn sites, you can always use tools like Vador, which will allow you to have hot content on your site. Thanks to the Ewok plugin compatible with WordPress, videos will be automatically posted every day on your site, automatically! The advantage is that this will allow you to have content on your site and regular updates. The interest is twofold, having visits through Google searches and therefore giving interest to your visitors. In addition, visitors will find a lot of videos that fulfill their needs and therefore they will stay on your site.

ver porno en el cel -

People are always searching for porn but, how to make you appear on top of the results?

Do you want more? Well, maybe it is time for you to send traffic! Basically, you invest $10 on each of these sites to attract visitors! Start with Plug rush and familiarize yourself with the platform. Note that it is not necessary to pay for traffic and that a little SEO (Search Engine Optimization or natural referencing) and a few well-placed links (to go up in search results) every month can do the job very well. You will gradually see your site rise in the search engines. For the referencing of a site, it is strongly advised to take a look at SEMrush (free version 7 days). Believe us, you will quickly understand that you will need this kind of essential SEO audit tools. With this minimal investment and a few clicks, you launch your site in just 3 weeks! If you follow these simple steps, you might be able to earn at least $100 the first month depending on the traffic on the site and then there are no limits. Once you have learned this technique you duplicate these actions endlessly and create your network of websites.

At this point, you should even start thinking about creating your own e-commerce, an online sex shop. Think about it: if you already have a porn site, then you can start advising your sex shop on your own platform and make some money. It also works the other way round. But if you want to know more about how to create this kind of business, we invite you to keep reading our next posts.


5 highly recommended skills to become a pro software engineer (programmer)

According to our own experience and an informal survey with our friends, some of the best programmers you can find in the web, we have compiled the next 5 highly recommended skills you should have to be a top programmer, or at least you should start working in getting them

Number 1. Regular expressions

Surprisingly, we have found that a lot of university students are not really knowledgeable about regular expressions that pro programmers use all the time and some of them have even built entire databases out of regular expressions. Regular expressions can accomplish so much because it is a way to do pattern matching on the text. The most obvious usage is for searching large codebases for certain pieces of text.

Using tools like Grep or some other code editors like Sublime, Visual Studio Code, or Regex are often used for searching across large codebases, doing search and replaces, refactoring code or they can even be as code checks to prohibit committing certain strings of text, certain styles of coding.

Using regular expressions you can scrape websites, parse per data, create an entire web application where you read the data and validate the user input, store the data in a certain format, and then read that format back… you can do all of that with regular expressions. You do not even need a database, every single we have worked with has depended heavily on regular expressions. If you are not feeling familiar with them, we recommend you start digging inside this subject.

Number 2. SQL

SQL is a database language for querying database tables, creating tables, editing them, reading them, and you might be thinking to yourself  “well, I am not a database engineer” but what you might be ignoring it’s its capacity for data metrics, these are very important for any engineer in order to launch any feature.

You need to be able to check out the data, analyze it, logging is very important to measure the impact that you have. It’s clear for us, you don’t just ship a feature, you ship the feature and then you need to say “Well, it increased over our application usage time by two percent, it dropped some other metrics by one but I recover that in some other way”, and SQL is essential for being able to query your data logging metrics dashboards and be able to figure out what data is there.

These days in most companies, in order to launch any feature, you need to have the metrics, the data to back your decisions up, and to obtain those metrics you need SQL. That is why it is very important for any engineer to at least be able to write a few standard SQL queries.

Number 3. Debugging skills

All too often we see engineer that knows how to code but they don’t know how to debug and they don’t pay much attention to it, they can’t figure out where bugs are, it’s like they don’t have any problem-solving ability even though they have acceptable algorithm skills. Debugging is the art of problem-solving.

Being able to quickly identify where in the code a bug might be, because for the majority of engineers, being completely honest with you, most of your task is going to involve fixing small bugs, as simple as that: There is a bug, figure out where it is and then fix it. The problem is that many times the bugs can be obscure, kind of strange, or hard to track down.

The ability to debug is going to be very important because if, for example, you are working on mobile apps you are going to want to be able to use the debugger GDB so you can step through the program, create breakpoints, maybe even check out the source control, check out the versions history of a file and see where it changed at what version and where the issue may have first cropped up.

Oftentimes, an engineer’s value is estimated not because they know some algorithm better than some others, it is simply because they know how to debug a program more accurately and precisely so it is very important to practice about analytical and problem-solving skills

person using Microsoft Surface

Number 4. Scripting tooling

We don’t intend to become controversial but one point that separates the truly great programmers from the mediocre ones is scripting tooling, being able to create tools for yourself. The best programmers are writing their own tools, if you are not writing your own tools to speed up your process, your workflow, you are just going to be limited.

What really makes software engineers highly productive, the difference between an engineer who is outputting 1x code versus 2x code or 5x or 10x code is the tooling and usually, these tools are going to be written in a language like Python or PHP, Ruby or Rails and these scripts can be used to help expedite your overall workflow.

For example, for Cobra factors, you may be writing a script that can analyze a repository of code and override, detect unused files, maybe buggy lines of code, and so on. You can always write our own script wrappers on top of version control so it’s not necessary to always use Git or Mercurial, for version control you might prefer using your own system and it is always useful to have your tools to work on your own workflow.

This maybe involves having some familiarity with Bash, Linux, and a language like Python or something alike.

Number 5. Feed the community, not only individuals

Let’s say you go to your co-worker James and you say something like “Hey James, how is it going? are you feeling ok buddy? do you want to go grab a beer? is there any way I can cheer you up friend?” and so on. All of that is not really providing much value for anybody and James may even decline your invitation to go our because he is a busy guy focused on creating value for the company. Let’s say that the standard social skills are not really useful, but you still need some sort of social communication, it is still very important to share.

These skills are more about communicating without being necessarily social and this may involve writing emails, creating wiki pages, posting to groups and forums, setting in PowerPoint presentations, create Excel sheets and notes, and properly circulating them.

In some companies, you might send a private message to somebody and that person would explicitly decline to communicate back because this person would say that private messaging does not surface the conversation to anybody else to see. That type of socialization is actually frowned upon and what top programmers really want is a way to preserve history, preserve the knowledge and circulate it with as many people as possible at the proper forums for that, like a wiki or a widespread email message or something like that where many people can see and learn from the conversation.

This may involve that if you have a one-on-one conversation with somebody you will have to find the way to capture the important points of the conversation in a manner in which you write down the notes of the meeting and then you circulate that across your team so that everybody knows what was discussed.

If you want to know more about how to be a top programmer, we also recommend you to learn from the best. Find here an interview with Bill Gates on how to become a top programmer: 


OnlyFans the most popular adult website of the year


This new app that is causing a furor among the world residents, is very popular because through it you can keep a more intimate following of your favorite artists.

The creators and owners of content on OnlyFans can earn money from users who subscribe to their profile. This allows them to earn income directly from their fans monthly or through the PPV feature.

OnlyFans was launched in 2016 as a website where social media artists could allow their followers to subscribe to view videos and photos. Since this site offered paid subscriptions every month, shortly after its launch false profiles began to emerge.

As a result, in 2019 they introduced more protection in the account verification process. Having the account creator now have to provide a selfie with their ID included in the image to corroborate their true identity. And so confirm that the details from the ID and the account created are the same. 

“In OnlyFans you can find all kinds of content. Not just adult or pornographic content.”

This is very popular in the adult entertainment industry, although there are also content creators of different genres. And its leading characteristic and because of which it is so popular is that xxnx is allowed.

The site is mostly used by porn models and artists, both professional and amateur. The shared content is audiovisual content, there are only photos and videos that do not obey any type of censorship.

Just as sites like Netflix or other streaming services, OnlyFans bases its operation through subscriptions. Followers pay an average of $10 a month to view the content of their choice.

Its popularity peaked in late 2019 and early 2020. The site currently has 24 million users and claims to have paid $725 million to its 450,000 content-creating users.

In May 2020, the website CEO Tim Stokely told Buzzfeed News that the site receives around 200,000 new users every 24 hours. And an average of between 7,000 and 8,000 new content creators who join each day.

OnlyFans, the website with which celebrities earn money with nudes!

Among the most popular accounts on the web, and most popular in Italy, is the profile of the pornographic actress Sara Jay and the profile of Kendra Lust.

Besides, the page offers content for all kinds of audiences. Open and without any censorship for anyone. The creation of accounts by gay pornographic actors such as Luicio Saints or Allen King has become popular and scandalous in Italy.

Thanks to this website, hundreds of pornographic actors and actresses have seen a new source of income internationally, such as Annunci69 in Italy. The web was launched towards the peak of its popularity since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

How do OnlyFans works?

We know that creating an account on OnlyFans is a frequently asked question among people looking to earn extra income by spreading content. So the only recommendation of web administrators is that all users must be of legal age.

For what you can share in OnlyFans there are no limits or restrictions. So if you are thinking of making money online by sharing audiovisual content, this is your chance.

This social network is perfect for anyone who wants to make money by sharing videos and images. Since the content that is sold does not have to be, in all cases, adult content. There are also profiles of users who create Fitness, food, or music content.

OnlyFans has two different ways of operating. One as a subscriber and one as a content creator. For an individual to use OnlyFans, it is necessary, in both cases, to register. Either through a Twitter account or directly from the platform.

Each type of account has its different registration steps, both processes are detailed below:

To achieve a successful registration, you must primarily have an internet access point, an email, and a password. Or if you prefer, you can register via Twitter.

Account as a content creator:

Once you have accessed the OnlyFans platform and followed all the necessary steps for registration, you must enter your personal information:

  • Username.
  • Profile Name.
  • Small review about you.
  • Email.
  • The monthly subscription charge you want.
  • Locality.
  • URL of someplace that you own.

 Among these data, the most important is the monthly subscription payment, same as xHamster did with their new cam website. Since this will appear in the account channel as the amount that subscribing users must pay monthly. The website handles rates for a wide variety of audiences, however, the minimum subscription per month is $ 4.99.

In the profile, you must specify the type of content you’re going to offer. A short description of the content will work to guide the audience.

External pages are not required to receive payments since all the money paid to the account will be made directly from the OnlyFans platform.

Account as a subscriber:

If you prefer to be a consumer user of content in OnlyFans, the first thing you must do after registration will be to provide data on the means of payment.

But keep in mind that if it is the first time that you will register, this must be done in two ways.

  • The first way is by entering the credit card information with which you will pay in the configuration.
  • The second way is to find the person whose profile you want to subscribe to and select them by clicking on the “subscribe by…” button.

To make payments, the OnlyFans platform allows credit cards such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, Discover, or American Express.

The OnlyFans account does not need to be activated after registration is complete.

The OnlyFans account does not need to be activated after registration is complete.

 Once the data of the payment method has been entered, the selected content will be automatically unlocked allowing access to it.

Users can access the account the moment they have created it without any problem. But it will be necessary to confirm the identity and the email.

To confirm the identity, a photo of the profile owner holding his ID must be provided to the platform to confirm that the data provided to the profile is real.

After confirming both, the profile of the website is 100% functional.

Is the OnlyFans platform secure?

To the actual date, it cannot be confirmed with any certainty that the OnlyFans platform is fully secure. Although thanks to an incident months ago where the page suffered content leaks, it established new security measures.

To join the site, users must now go through a rigorous application process. In which they must present proof that they are of legal age to enter the web, through some identification and also complete a tax form.

After this, the user must wait for the request to be approved before the option through which she can attach her bank account to the profile is unlocked.

The bank details entered will be private. No other user will have access to them under any circumstances. Since these are used only by the OnlyFans platform for the withdrawal of funds from the account. And not as a direct payment method for subscribers.

All the information entered will be sent to the servers, and it will take a period of 24 to 48 hours to be approved and confirmed. After this, you can re-enter the profile and set the amount of money you want subscribers to pay to view your content.

Likewise, it should be noted that all payments made to OnlyFans are final and none are refundable. If the content of the profile to which you have subscribed does not satisfy your tastes or needs, the website offers the option of withdrawing the subscription before the next billing period is completed. Although if the consumer user has purchased a package with several months of subscription, he must wait for the completion of said package.

Other ways to make money on OnlyFans

The main and most common way to earn money on OnlyFans is by increasing the subscriptions of international users. However, there is another method to earn even more income.

If desired, a content creator user can activate private conversations. With them, a creator will be able to interact with specific consumer users.

This is a function by which users will have to cancel an extra amount, apart from the monthly subscription. After this, they will be able to contact in a much more direct and personalized way.

Another way is through the referred links. It is based on Amazon recommendations and wishes lists. They allow the user to earn part of the profits to keep the links always visible on their profile.

Specifically, you earn 5% of each purchase made through the link you share. In this way, the dollars accumulate, and after seven days and if nobody has claimed their payment, you will have the money in your account.

Can I get a free OnlyFans account or hack?

As of today, there is no way to get a free OnlyFans account. Websites that offer different types of hacks to get free access to content are fake.

No application allows you to access OnlyFans without paying a subscription. And if you go to a page and download a file, it will surely install malware.

So no, OnlyFans cannot be accessed by cheating. Access is only possible by paying a subscription from your credit card.

Is there an OnlyFans app for Android or IOS?

Currently, the OnlyFans Android or IOS app is not available due to the content limitations of the GooglePlay App Store.

Therefore, we recommend avoiding downloading any APK of the site, from unknown web pages or any other related application. Since it is most likely some malware.

How to find people on OnlyFans?

Once the account has been created and verified, you can start making use of what this network has to offer. There are two ways to search and find OnlyFans user profiles.

  • Accessing through a direct link to each account.
  • Using the user search engine.

Direct URL of a person to OnlyFans

Knowing that each registered account generates a URL with its username, it can be accessed by copying and pasting the links in the browser. The key is to have a source to get direct links, such as this page:

Apart from the highly interactive way that will allow you to search for the users of the most popular profiles, or those that we want, it should be noted that there are categorization systems in the list:

  • Gender profiles: Male – Female – Transsexual.
  • Profiles based on their main content-generating activity: Fitness – Modeling – Kitchen – Gamer – Nudes, among others.
  • Profiles according to a country: OnlyFans accounts from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, USA, and more will be found.

Search in the global directory

The social network on its subscription-based website has a search engine option that allows you to write and scrutinize the possible options. In case you want to follow a specific person, you can use this tool by writing their name or users and thus search for it among the results.

Once you have found what you were looking for, just click on the image, name, or user. The subscription fee will be specified as well as the presentation and what that user has to offer. In case you like it, you can easily subscribe.

Among one of the most famous accounts in Italy that you can find in the search engine is Mademoiselle_cerise. Who has stood out in OnlyFans Italia in the last year more than any other girl.

Another website that is currently booming in Italy is

Can I download OnlyFans videos?

Officially there is still no way to download the videos from the website. However, recently a massive leak of content from said platform occurred.

This did not happen thanks to a hack, but thanks to the action of several users who shared the links to the videos illegally.

This generated strong speculation about a database of mass adult content stolen from multiple OnlyFans accounts. These were posted through social media and pornography websites. These rumors were all true.

The page content leak, called by OnlyFans Leaks administrators, was not a platform security breach. Far from any other common internet scams.

What happened was that several already subscribed users downloaded the content and shared the links of the files, so that other unsubscribed users had access to it.

This was caused by some users with basic programming knowledge, using the tool called Scraper. A software capable of browsing any website and downloading all the photos and videos to which the user has access.

Shortly after this leak occurred, Vice media outlet Motherboard contacted several Premium content artists, apologizing for the serious problem they faced.

Also, the Motherboard investigation found a list of users who stole the content of the sex workers from the page using Scraper programs without any legal permission.

It should be noted that some of these programs used to steal content were extensions of the Google Chrome browser, which allows users to download content directly from the site.

Due to this, Google removed the extension when it came to light that it was illegal activity on the internet. However, the people behind these illegal software coding activities began to apply variants to the programs used so as not to be discovered.


MySQL databases for beginners

A database is a collection of organized data in a way that facilitates easy access as well as good and fast administration and updating. 

It is also made up of tables that store relevant information. For example, you would need a database, if you were to create a web page like Youtube. Which contains a lot of information such as videos, users, keys, and comments. 

Table 1Table 2Table 3

In these examples, the information would be videos, comments, and users. And its storage location, which could be seen in the form of even a simple button to click on, would be the database. 

These tables store and display data in a structured format consisting of columns and rows. Which are similar to those seen in Excel spreadsheets. In this way, databases usually contain multiple tables, each designated for a specific purpose. For example, a database table consisting of names and phone numbers

The following table details a simple example of what a database refers to.   

ID   First Name  Last Name  Telephone Number  
1  David  Williams  556-485-965  
2  Lucas  Adams  245-156-784  
3  Camile  Smith  256-874-965  
4  John  Roberts  654-854-951  

Another characteristic of databases is that they require Primary Keys. It is a field in the table that uniquely identifies the records in the table. 

These primary keys must always contain:  

  1. A unique value for each row. 
  2. It cannot contain NULL values. 

In the table above, a clear example of a primary key would be the row of the unique ID value. Since there is always the opportunity for more than one person with the same name. 


Once you understand what a database is, understanding MySQL is easy.  

MySQL is developed under a dual license: Commercial License / General Public License by Oracle Corporation, and is also the world’s most popular open-source database for web development. 

Many well-known websites work under the MySQL system, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

In general, MySQL is an open-source database management system (RDBMS), which works with a client-server model. 


This means that the user is free to modify them as he wishes. In addition to customizing the source code. However, the GPL (GNU Public License) limits what the user can do under the conditions it sets. 

Client – server model   

Anyone who runs the RDBMS software is considered a client. Every time the client needs to access the database, it connects to the RDBMS server. There, the clientserver relationship is created. 

Keep in mind that although SQL and MySQL have certain similarities, they are not the same. 

MySQL reads the information from the SQL. So how do the client and server communicate? 

These use the language of the domain: SQL. (Structured Query Language) 

MySQL is written in C and C ++, and the processes it performs are essentially the same as SQL, such as: 

  • Create a database to store and manipulate information. 
  • Clients can make requests by writing SQL statements in MySQL. 
  • The server application will respond with the requested information in front of the client. 

How to create a database with MySQL?  

Working with MySQL is quite simple, and it is not extremely necessary to have the very advanced technical knowledge to do it. Here’s how to create a MySQL database step by step: 

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that the MySQL server installed on the computer must be connected. Otherwise, it will be impossible to create a database. 
  2. Next, you will have to copy the installation path of the folder. This could vary on different operating systems. In Windows it would be: “C: / Program Files / MySQL / MySQL Workbench 8.0 CE /”. If the operating system is IOS, it is copied in this way: “/usr/local/mysql-8.0.13-osx10.13-x86_64/”. 
  3. Then, the computer command line opens. In Windows, it would be “cmd or command prompt”, in Mac “Terminal”. 
  4. Finally, the database file is created. Write the command ‘’ create database ’’, add the name and end with ‘’; ’’. For example, if you want to name the database “Customer Registry” it would be “CREATE DATABASE Customer_Registration;” and press “Enter”. 

Select the database.  

The next thing necessary to create a base will be to select it, it is a very simple but necessary act. If you want MySQL to know which database the client refers to when entering the commands, it must indicate them with the command: 

• USE Table. 

Following up on the previous example, the command would be: 

USE Customer_Registration; 

Create a database table  

Since the database is created and selected, the table can be created. To create the table structure, the command will be: 

CREATE TABLE name (column1 VARCHAR (30), column2);  

Let’s try to visualize this as a mathematical formula where we have to add our values. 

Looking at it this way, if you want to add the columns of the client’s name and age to the table called “Register for Clients” the following should be written. 

CREATE TABLE Registration for clients (Client Name VARCHAR (30), Age INT);  

The next thing is to add a line to the table. To add information line by line, use the command “insert”. 

Check the data table.  

This is a step that is not necessary but we recommend it. When doing this, the user will have no doubts, if they were not sure that the table had been created. 

To check the table, the DESCRIBE command is used together with the name of the table to check. 

DESCRIBE Register_for_clients; 

Adding records.  

After verifying that the table was created successfully, we end up adding content to our database. 

We will add three customer names and three ages to our table. To do this, use the INSERT INTO command followed by the name of the table. Then comes VALUES followed by the values to include. 

An example would be: 

INSERT INTO Register_for_customers VALUES (‘John Smith’, 22);  

INSERT INTO Registry_for_customers VALUES (‘William Harries’, 22);  

INSERT INTO Registry_for_customers VALUES (‘Calvin Stone’, 22);  

In this way, the table will show the three names with their respective ages. 

Checking data.  

Now it only remains to check that the database or rather, the table 

Register_for_clients has all its data well. 

To do this, enter the SELECT FROM command and it will show all the records in the table. 

The command would be placed as follows: 

SELECT * FROM Register_for_customers;  

Note that “*” is placed in the middle, this is to indicate that the selection is being used for a database. 

Everything has gone well, the database should have been created correctly. 

Why is MySQL the most used of all?  

According to Datanyze MySQL has a 48% trading share. Therefore it doesn’t have a direct competitor since Microsoft SQL Server has second place with a share of just 10%.  

MySQL is mainly applied in web sites and many popular CMS. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others are compatible with this database manager.  

A big plus to this is the fact of being multi-platform. Added to this is the fact that it is used wonderfully in environments that can include Apache or Nginx with PHP or PHP-FPM.  

For this reason, MySQL is the most used since it adapts to any environment, it’s very safe, fast, and reliable. This is more than evident since giants like Google and Facebook use it with complete confidence.