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I recently came across this error message:

the remote mirroring partner for database *********, encountered error 5149, status 1, severity 25. Database mirroring has been suspended. Resolve the error on the remote server and resume mirroring, or remove mirroring and re-establish the mirror server instance.

I hate undocumented error messages so I thought I’d add my resolution.

It appears that the log file on the mirror site was unable to extend the log file. The network connection dropped for a time and the build up of unsent transactions caused the primary log file to extend, when the network connection was re-established the mirrored logfile was unable to exend by the same amount. The moral of the story is to always allow enough space on both the primary and mirrored server for times when the network drops!

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When I inherited a number of 2005 instances that had been service packed with the CTP version of SP2 ( 9.00.3033.00 ). I thought no problem, I’ll just run SP2 GDR1 hotfix and that should sort the problem. After all microsoft appeared to make a clear migration path for its various versions of SP2 ( http://blogs.msdn.com/psssql/archive/2007/04/06/post-sql-server-2005-service-pack-2-sp2-fixes-explained.aspx ).  However on running the GDR1 hotfix it I got this error:

The product instance XXXX has had update 3033 applied. You cannot install GDR update 3054 overtop update 3033. An update of build equal to or greater than 3159 should be downloaded.

So ah ha I thought ok I’ll install GDR2 which should do the trick, then I find the error:

The product instance XXXX has had update 3033 applied. You cannot install GDR update 3159 overtop update 3033. An update of build equal to or greater than 3042 should be downloaded.

A bit long winded I know but in the end, I found the solution to be just to install the downloadable version of SP2 ( http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=d07219b2-1e23-49c8-8f0c-63fa18f26d3a&displaylang=en ) .

As a general warning to anyone out there I would strongly advise against running CTP versions of software on production systems (or even your workstation!) . I still recall the nightmares with Sql 2005 CTP beta release 2 eventually forcing me to rebuild my workstation after wasting a lot of time trying to uninstall .net and frig around with various system settings…..


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I was asked recently to spec out a new super server which will be deployed in a years time. Part of the analysis was to determine whether to use AMD or Intel Xeon Quad core chips. When I look at it, AMD have recently been winning the race on performance and do indeed have published results in the TPC\H benchmarks. Recent analysis between the two types of quad core chips has seen that the AMD chips do perform better than Intel, mainly due to its superior memory architecture in regards to NUMA efficiciency. However one option to consider using Intel chips may be because they perform more efficiently in terms of power consumption.

Selfishly I think it would be safer to go with the higher performing chips as energy costs are often hidden from IT budgets. However with energy costs rising daily its easy to see that in a years time, it may be feasible to justify buying more energy efficient chips and buying more of them…..
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