To Hyperthread or Not To Hyperthread

Following on from my comments about CPU configuration I have decided to restate my position to "it depends....". 

Having performed some investigation in the Sql community, Glenn Berry ( Twitter | Blog )  suggested that Hyper Threading should be enabled for the new Xeon 55xx, 56xx, 65xx, and 75xx (Nehalem)  processors and pointed me in the direction of the TPC-E benchmarks for evidence of their performance.

According to the benchmarks in this article  OLTP systems (TPC-E) benefit from a 30% performance gain from hyperthreading while Data Warehousing  (TPC-H) benefitted only 10% from hyperthreading.

Still concearned about the potential issues with Hyper-threading I descided to investigate further. I found this great article by Joe Chang suggesting that many of the problems with the original Hyperthreaded Netburst processors have gone away with the advent of Nehalem. He just suggested setting MAXDOP to 4 as a general rule.

Given that there is such a great performance gain to be had for Hyperthreading with OLTP, I do intend to turn it on for servers containing the new Nehalem chipset. For DW servers, I will still leave it disabled as I have spent many an hour tracking down various issues with CXPACKET and Intra Query Parallel Thread Deadlocks. I still dont trust the technology enough to go there at this point.




Published Wednesday, August 4, 2010 8:13 PM by blakmk


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