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Last day in Seattle and PASS Summit 2010 DVDs
14 November 10 07:14 PM | Christian | with no comments

I’ve just had a great morning in downtown Seattle meandering through Pike Place Market with a Piroshky and a latte from Starbucks’ first ever store debating whether or not I could get a massive Dungeness crab through customs on the way home.

Seattle manages to maintain a magical charm no matter how many times you come here and nowhere more so than at Pike Place where the rows of fresh cut flowers, happy go lucky buskers and insanely large fish being thrown about to the gasps of the crowd create a real feel good factor regardless of the weather.

Mark Souza told me during the PASS summit that the SQL Server product group had sent 450 of their devs, PMs, and testers to PASS this year and it certainly showed, they were everywhere.  You never had to go very far before you’d meet someone eager to get feedback on the product features that they work on and handing out business cards so you can contact them directly after the conference.  It was just amazing and I haven’t even mentioned the sessions!

There have been some requests and debates to move the PASS Summit to different venues in the US rather than rainy old Seattle but the reality is that we only get the huge representation from Microsoft at the Summit because its in Seattle and I really do hope it stays here.

For the first time this year PASS have decided to offer not just the sessions on DVD for purchase but all the pre-cons and post-cons as well.  That’s 18 full-day seminars for the pre and post cons alone.  I went to Adam Machanic’s post-con and ordered the DVD’s just to get the recording of his session, it was just superb and I’ll be pouring over his content again for the next few months it was that good.

You can get the pricing and ordering information for the DVD’s here:

For anyone that’s never been to a summit before I can’t recommend it enough and I challenge you to find any one of the 3,500 attendees that would say it isn’t worth every penny to attend.

I’m off to the airport now to head back to London.  I hope to see many more of you here next year!


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