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A walk down memory lane, SQLBits Video now available
10 November 08 01:30 PM | Christian | with no comments
After surprising me with a camera crew and a lighting rig when I turned up to present my session at SQLBits in September, Microsoft have finished editing the footage and the finished result is now available. Fortunately for me they've done a great...
SQL Server: resource waits and signal waits
14 November 07 04:24 PM | Christian | 2 comment(s)
You won't find any resource waits that specifically measure CPU wait time, instead you measure “signal waits” which have been conveniently worked out for you in SQL Server 2005 and exposed in the sys.dm_os_wait_stats dmv. Specifically, a signal wait is...
How to corrupt a page in a specific index and then fix it
07 October 07 10:19 AM | Christian | 1 comment(s)
I was developing course materials for a workshop recently and I wanted to run a lab where you DBCC’d a database, found an error and then worked out how to fix it. The only problem was deliberately corrupting a page in a specific index. I did some investigating...
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