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Coeo are giving away a Fusion-IO card at SQLBits
18 August 10 03:33 PM | Christian | 1 comment(s)
I am very excited to announce that to celebrate Coeo’s recent partnership with Fusion-IO we’ll be giving away an 80GB Fusion-IO ioEXTREME card to a lucky attendee at SQLBits. If you’ve never looked at Fusion-IO before, now is your chance to check-out...
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Vital Statistics – free webcast now available
02 February 10 10:53 AM | Christian | with no comments
Another one of my sessions from SQLBits V, this time on SQL Server Statistics. You can it from the SQLBits website: The presentation was based on information that you’ll also find in my latest book, Professional SQL Server 2008...
Troubleshooting memory problems in SQL Server 2008 - webcast now available
02 February 10 09:24 AM | Christian | 2 comment(s)
My session from SQLBits V in November 2009 titled “Strapped for Cache: Troubleshooting memory problems in SQL Server 2008” is now available as free webcast from the SQLBits website: Brent Ozar also posted a great write-up of...
Advanced SQL Server Troubleshooting seminar at SQLBits
25 February 09 10:29 AM | Christian | with no comments
The next SQLBits conference is coming up next month and Coeo are once again running a 1-day pre-conference seminar on Advanced SQL Server Troubleshooting for just £250 or £199 if you book before the end of February. Overview This full-day workshop provides...
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A walk down memory lane, SQLBits Video now available
10 November 08 01:30 PM | Christian | with no comments
After surprising me with a camera crew and a lighting rig when I turned up to present my session at SQLBits in September, Microsoft have finished editing the footage and the finished result is now available. Fortunately for me they've done a great...
A walk down memory lane at SQLBitsIII
17 September 08 03:38 PM | Christian | with no comments
[Update 5th Nov 08] New download link added Thank you to everyone who attend my session on memory at SQLBits on 12th Sept. I really enjoyed it and judging by the feedback many of you did too. You can download the slideshow and pdf from our website: http...
My session at SQLBits II - What Are You Waiting For?
06 March 08 09:05 PM | Christian | with no comments
Thankyou to all those who attended my session "What Are You Waiting For?" last Saturday at SQLBits II in Birmingham. There was some great feedback and constructive comments which I will incorporate when I deliver the session at the European...