New Product: Server Alert

I’m pleased to announce a new application called Server Alert.

The application is a small add-in for SQL Server Management Studio that shows a coloured bar at the side of all query windows. The coloured bar indicates which server the window is connected to. Different servers can be assigned different colours.

I’ve created this to make the current connection is a lot clearer. Although the server name is on the status bar at the bottom of a query it can be all too easy to execute a query on the wrong server, especially if multiple queries are open on different connections. Server Alert makes it a lot more apparent what the current connection is to avoid the heart-stopping “was that the right server?” moments!

There is a small demo of it in action at the new website:\serveralert.aspx.

It’s available through for $16.

For example you can colour code green for test or dev environments...

Server Alert connected to Production server

 ...and red for production environments

Server Alert connected to a test database

Published 05 February 2008 08:48 PM by Danny
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# Christian said on 12 February, 2008 09:23 AM

We raised this idea with the SQL product group during the development of SQL 2005 but it never made it.  Its amazing to see it implemented so simply with an add-in.  Nice work!

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