Copying logins to another server

I'm busy setting up a new server to replace our main live server and part of that is to get the logins copied over. The database users will come over when I restore the databases but I wanted to get the logins they relate to, with the same SIDs, passwords and other properties as they have on the current server. In fact I don't even know the passwords for the logins created by our Sage accounting package - apparently they are generated by the setup using a number of ingredients unique to each installation.

I did some Googling and fount this KB article:, which more or less did the trick. It produces a set of CREATE LOGIN statements with the SIDs and hashed passwords. But it didn't include the default language, which can subtly or dramatically alter the behaviour of date-related SQL. So I added that bit and you can help yourself here.

Published Friday, April 9, 2010 4:33 PM by DavidWimbush


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