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Building a Dynamic OLAP Environment at #SQLbits8

On Saturday I attended the SQLBits conference in sunny Brighton. Great conference, well organized with lots of great speakers presenting high quality content. For me the highlight was meeting many of the senior guys from the Redmond SQL Server product...
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SSIS: Building SQL databases on-the-fly using concatenated SQL scripts

Over the years I have developed many techniques which help automate the whole SQL Server build process. In my current process, where I need to build entire OLAP data marts on-the-fly , I make regular use of a simple but very effective mechanism to concatenate...
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SSIS: Deploying OLAP cubes using C# script tasks and AMO

As part of the continuing series on Building dynamic OLAP data marts on-the-fly , this blog entry will focus on how to automate the deployment of OLAP cubes using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Analysis Services Management Objects (AMO). OLAP...
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Building dynamic OLAP data marts on-the-fly

At the forthcoming SQLBits conference , I will be presenting a session on how to dynamically build an OLAP data mart on-the-fly. This blog entry is intended to clarify exactly what I mean by an OLAP data mart, why you may need to build them on-the-fly...
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Busting for a Wii at SQL Bits

"I'm busting for a Wii!" was my wife's exclamation in the centre of Warrington. We had been an attempting to avoid traffic on the M6 but got snarled up in even more traffic in central Warrington. I did not understand at first, but then...
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