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Windows File search is a pain in the XXX, so I PowerShell-ed it
I have grown tired of finding a file on a Microsoft machine. In Windows 2012 server, it gets easier with their "Search everything" feature but sometimes you're not so lucky to be on a machine with a newer OS. Here is a little PowerShell...
HTTP Authenticatoin Download of File in SSIS to XML file
Recently I posted a script that allows you to download a CSV file to SSIS through HTTP Authentication, today, I'm posting a slightly different script that uses some XML references in order to download an XML file. You can probably use the other way that...
HTTP Authenticatoin Download of File in SSIS to CSV file
I recently needed to perform a download of a CSV file with HTTP Authentication in SSIS to a CSV file. Its possible, but I needed a script to do it. I couldn't use an HTTP connection because nothing in SSIS would consume it. Nothing, including the File...