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Don't miss Paul's blog

I'm sure Tony will make this link into the feed on ( sorry my skill set in this area is pretty dismal ). If you don't happen to know who Paul ( Randal ) is then you're missing a veritable mine of information and if you can get to any event where he's presenting you'll not be disappointed - well unless you're not involved with SQL Server.

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SQL Bits feedback

I've been reading some of the comments about my presentation and I just thought I'd clarify a few of the points raised.

The whole subject matter arose because I was unable to use my normal methods of analysis for database performance tuning. The application mostly operates using client side cursors, even for reports,  and most of the sql generated within the application is prepared and executed, this means your average profiler trace just shows millions of sp_executesql commands. I'd already been using a number of the dynamic management views for tuning but here I was pushed into a greater dependency.

For a presentation this makes life difficult because as we all know, the views are cleared by a service start so the ability to collect and present data is tricky. With hindsight, and the comments raised, I agree that I should have generated some scripts to simulate activity for a period of time prior to the presentation so that I could demonstrate what I was talking about, should I ever present this subject again I will look into this.

The blog posts in question currently fill nearly 60 A4 pages in Word,  there was no way I could fit all of that into a powerpoint display, and yes I agree about Powerpoint - I never use this product except when creating a presentation and I'm pretty rubbish with it < grin >

So thanks for the feedback and I'll do my best to improve for future presentations ; the whole series of papers I'm writing/have written will be appearing on as soon as I have created the web site, another area where I have little expertise.

 Oh and I'm sorry about the colour codeword - no one told me, honest.



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