Cannot generate SSPI context

Now here's a slightly interesting point about this error. Although the kb does actually mention this reason for the error it is about the last thing on the article, a footnote, and it doesn't specifically word it to cover this scenario, and we all read the entire KB before doing anything - right ?

So the scenario was that a SQL 2005 x64 SP2 + CU7 was given a service account, previously it had been running local system ( default install ).
After the SQL Service was restarted the users could not connect from their workstations with integrated security, sql connections worked fine, receiving this error ( Cannot generate SSPI context ), using rdp  and integrated security everything was fine so it was a sort of inconsistent error.

Now one of what I define a real pain in the A*** with SQL Server is full text search - even if you don't install it from start every service pack will put it back, in all the years I've worked with SQL Server I've never had reason to use full text search, but every server I encounter has been blessed with service running - argghhh!

Well as we don't use Full text on this particular server, it's a DW box, the service account had only been changed for the Engine and Agent, sadly full text was running and as it was running as local system this is what stopped the logins.
The solution is to either disable Full Text ( until the next patch/sp ! ) or set the service to use the service account and then disable it.

Published Saturday, July 19, 2008 12:08 PM by GrumpyOldDBA


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