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ah I remember it well ! or not in this case

I've been following a few posts about the impact of filecopies on servers ( x64 w2k8 ) and how memory is affected. Now I've seen what appears to be memory being taken by file copies - I haven't fully tested this as I've only noticed on my prod box because i have constant readouts of memory usage on a dashboard on my desk.

I monitor total memory, sql memory, proc cache memory and "free" memory ( actually some parts of free memory aren't but that's another story ) so typically I have thse figures just now to give an example:  ProcCache = 7092MB, free memory 6155MB, SQL used memory 54000MB, total memory used 57,391MB. ( I don't know offhand which counter is being used to caclulate sql memory used )   I don't have lock pages turned on and min/max memory is set to 26000/54000 MB.

But what i picked up on in amongst the posts about file copy memory usage was a comment about setting minimum memory with lock pages - now I thought the whole point about lock pages is that sql server never ever gave back memory. I know my setup will give memory - we had an incident with rogue winlogon which took lots of memory - I was able to see my sql server memory graph dip to 26000mb in the matter of minutes - but it was a very obvious incident and one which could be fixed quickly.  I'm not going to post a forum question about memory - it was the constant inaccurate answers about memory and the constant asking the same questions every few months which put me off forums , well that and the fact so many posts could be resolved with BOL.

Just to recap this is SQL 2008 x64 Enterprise and Windows 2008 x64 Enterprise I'm talking about here - not an x32 or awe in sight !!

DBAs should read this post


I am a great admirer of Joe's posts, he's been a source of information and inspiration to me for many years and I wish we could get him to the UK to speak to the user group.

It's not the post which is truly interesting here it's the comments, sad to admit I did laugh a few times reading through them, Joe manages to sum up most things so succinctly - or maybe I just encounter some of the same people and situations. Great stuff!


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