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Community is Great

I have a great respect for so many who contribute to the community, without them I would often struggle in my role for sure. When "strange events" happen in a busy production environment it can be quite daunting when it seems everyone around...
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x64 Memory Issues - revisited

It's funny how things seem to bob to the surface every so often, a bit like revivals of Musicals or the fact you know it's christmas becuase ET is on the TV again. Blake Morrision from the Ask the Performance Team has blogged about issues with...

Hello it’s your server calling

This is nothing exciting but I've always found this startup procedure  very useful. All this simple procedure does is send you an email if the SQL Service Starts. If your Server is a cluster it will tell you which node you're on. -- On it's...
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Partitions and FullText - not an option

I'm a strong advocate of partitioning having deployed solutions through SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008, in fact federated servers is about the only aspect of partitioning which I've not deployed in a production environment. Recently I've been applying...

Ghost in the machine

Well it does relate to ghosts, in this case dbGhost,    which is what this post is about. Ghost creates databases on the fly, something I personally don’t like too much, which it then compares to a “base” database to produce...
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Rowversion vs Timestamp !! what’s the word then microsoft?

I like to promote all things SQL Server whenever I can and when the subject of allocating some time to maintenance of our applications was raised I was quick to suggest we could replace the numerous Timestamp columns with Rowversion so that we future...

IF Exits vs Count(*) – just when you thought it was safe ….

Here’s a couple more of the topics I covered in my presentation “ Gone in 60 Nano seconds “.  It’s tricky sometimes formatting posts to display correctly on the blog so for most of the material from the presentation I’m going to link to the pages...

Bye Bye Timestamp it was nice knowing you

In passing I discovered that SQL Server 2008 R2 doesn’t support the timestamp data type any longer. If you’re still using timestamps better do a find and replace for rowcount.
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Presenting to VBUG Bracknell UK 7th Sept I'm making a presentation on some aspects of my work for Regus for the UK or for the USA. Regus are the world leading provider in office space sliced and diced any...
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Windows 2008 Cluster Shares

If you're reasonably new to windows 2008 clusters, well we don't all get to upgrade to the newest technology when it first appears, then you might find the whole process of file shares somewhat bewildering compared to w2k3. I certainly struggled...
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