November 2008 - Posts

Restart regularly to avoid Last Known Good Configuration problems

Until last week I didn't really know what last known good configuration actually meant. It turns out that what it means is "I'm going to throw away all the settings you've changed since the previous start-up of this PC", which can be a bit problematic, to say the least.

We had a problem with a production server which ended up requiring a reboot. Unfortunately the server failed to restart properly and the only option left was to choose last known good configuration.

The event log shows that the uptime was over 18 million seconds - the last reboot was at the end of March, 7 months ago. In this time various services had been installed, which all vanished as the system rolled back the registry changes.

My advice would be to reboot as regularly as possible, so that if you do ever have to choose last known good configuration then you don't wipe out too many changes.