Thursday, April 3, 2008 10:37 PM lawrenso

SSIS - Spawn of Satan?

It was a post by GrumpyDBA that caused me to post my first and only blog on here a long time ago. Now I am posting this entry because I am feeling like a grumpy DBA.

 My current client - a government agency who takes money off everybody (that should identify them Big Smile - I have a mortgage to pay) has a lab for testing new analysis software. They wanted some manual processes automating which included movement of file data around for processing by various applications. Well, I hadn't previously looked at SSIS in great depth as I hadn't really had the requirement to, so I thought here's my chance to get some experience. Well, all I can say is come back DTS - all is forgiven.

 I will give it it's dues, some things are good, but there is a lot of bad. In fact, every way I am turning at them moment I am encountering bugs, "features" and "by design". The latest being this

so I thought I would work round it, exclude the two tables that had this issue (going to script them seperately outside the wizard as indicated), and then another table failed that does not meet that criteria in any shape or form.... So onto SSIS, using the transfer SQL Objects component. Well, failure after failure about creating an account that already exists - even though I hadn't select the security options....

I have also been hit by issues of file permissions after detaching databases - link to the secure FTP site and password is sat in my inbox for me to get the hotfix although I have worked round it using SUBINACL

 I feel really guilty, my next gig starts next week - hopefully the main one will be completed by then

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# re: SSIS - Spawn of Satan?

Friday, April 4, 2008 10:52 AM by lawrenso

Update - next morning and it the import worked with that third table - no rhyme or reason for it - SQL must of had a good nights sleep!!