Are you making good use of your helpdesk?

Published 13 May 09 09:51 AM | MartinBell

If the only figure that managers are interested in, is the number of outstanding calls or the number of calls cleared, then they are probably only scratching the surface of what it can do!

Pro-active analysis of your helpdesk calls may highlight an area of the system that generates an high number of problems, this could indicate something needs refactoring or may be one where SQL Server 2008 has functionality that will make it easier. If your system has something like this, then fixing it will save you money, not fixing it will require you to continue to keep throwing money at working around it!

Sometimes resolving helpdesk incidents can be like a black hole and suck in people from all areas of the business including developers and DBAs. Whether these costs are formally accounted for or not, they will detract from the person’s current project and could have a significant impact.

It’s always good to factor into a release changes which will make a system more reliable and require less support, but far too often I have seen the onus put on the “bells and whistles” or new features rather than the underlying maintainability. Hopefully in the current economic climate things may change, but somehow I doubt it.

Many faiths and cultures have a proverb equivalent to Matthew 7:24-27 “The foolish man built his house on sand” but also remember Ashanti of Ghana “By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed.”

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