When are you upgrading to SQL Server 2008?

Published 13 May 09 08:13 AM | MartinBell

I’ve done quite a few talks on the many new features of SQL Server 2008. At the start of each I usually ask the audience “Who is already using SQL Server 2008 and taking advantage of all the new features it offers?”.

It’s no longer a surprise to see only a couple of hands in the air, the number of hands increase when I ask “Who has any plans for upgrading to SQL Server 2008?” , but usually the majority of the audience either have no plans at all or no immediate plans.

Although we are in a recession (as validated by the number of contractors “resting”), I do find it hard to believe that (to my perception) the uptake of SQL Server 2008 has been so slow. Articles like the leader in last week’s Computer Weekly “IT cost cuts are redolent of self-harm” or from the inside pages "Businesses and government are willing to make risky IT cuts" and "IT mistakes today are business mistakes tomorrow" would indicate that the lessons learned from previous recessions are been foolishly ignored for the sake of cutting costs.

Whilst a SQL Server 2008 upgrade is not going to have the same benefits for everyone, there are many attractive features that can give almost instant ROI; whilst others may require a development cycle and take a little longer. Even if you don’t intend an upgrade in the near future, you should be looking at things like which features are being deprecated, and if alternatives already exist (in your current version of SQL Server), these changes should be built into the release cycle. This will make sure that you are in a much better position when an upgrade eventually gets the go-ahead.

A good place to start is to download the SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Advisor and run it against a copy of your live system.

So when next time I ask “Who has any plans for upgrading to SQL Server 2008?” I will expect a room full of hands will be in the air!


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