Community conference are worth the trip!

Published 25 May 09 08:47 AM | MartinBell

It’s always interesting to see how far people travel to the SQLBits Community conference. We added a page to the SQLBits website to show where delegates originate from. I think it’s a testament to our great content when delegates are willing to come from Spain, Cyprus, Holland, Denmark and Croatia.

SQLBits sponsored a track at Developer Day Scotland and demographics posted on the Scottish Developer website also show that people are willing to travel to good quality (content) conferences.

It would be good to reduce the number of no shows to these events, the 32% drop out rate for DDS is quite typical of community conferences. When people don’t turn up on the day, it denies others of the chance to go.

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# GrumpyOldDBA said on May 27, 2009 10:03 AM:

Without Developer Day and SQL Bits we'd get very little in the UK. I sometimes think it is almost criminal that we don't get to have major events in the UK, we can't all upsticks to spain just like that.

Keep up the good work and hopefully the UK will cease to be the poor relation.

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