What makes good swag?

Published 25 May 09 05:44 PM | MartinBell

At the last SQLBits we tried to vary some of the swag on offer and the committee actually had a discussion on what was good and bad swag! It’s interesting to know what others think and Craig Murphy posted blog entry this earlier this month http://www.craigmurphy.com/blog/?p=1440

Although I don’t personally would not count the competition prizes as swag under Craig’s rules they are… so my vote for the best swag of all must be for the Wiis and X-Boxes we have as prizes… and what’s more at SQLBits there are lots of competitions to enter :)

I’ve already packed the swag for the Scottish Area User group meeting on Wednesday 27th May and there will be loads at the Leeds Area user group meeting on Wednesday 3rd June as well.

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