Service Master Key Backup

Published 31 May 09 10:01 AM | MartinBell

I was just wondering how many people back up the Service Master Key (SMK) after installing SQL Server 2005 or 2008? The SMK is created the first time the SQL Server service is started after an installation. Even if you don’t use TDE, Certificates or Keys, the SMK is used to encrypt the credentials for linked servers, so you may not know that it is being used. If you started to use encryption backing up the SMK may not be something you remember to do, that is assuming that you are aware that an encryption feature is being rolled out!

The command BACKUP SERVICE MASTER KEY is use to backup the SMK. See the topic “How to: Back Up the Service Master Key” in Books Online for more, although this topic says “It is usually best to create multiple copies of the backup, and to store one copy locally. The local copy can be the file you created when you backed up the service master key.” I would recommend that the most important thing is to save the copy safely!!!


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