Speeding up SQL Server Management Studio Startup

Published 23 July 09 08:30 PM | MartinBell

One of the tips from the SQL Nuggets competition I ran at the Leeds Area user group this week was to use the –NOSPLASH option to speed up the start up of Management Studio. Adding this to your shortcuts or menu options will reduce the time before you are able to use the application.

This is not the only option you can specify for SSMS.exe. Books Online gives additional options such as specifying the filename for a project, script or solution to open as well as the options for specifying a database, server, username and password or windows authentication to be used when SSMS is started. Specifying a server and windows authentication allows me to open a query window when SSMS starts up. As this is quite often the first thing I do, it looks like being a very useful thing to know as there is no login dialog to slow the start up down.

This got me looking at what options can be specified for start up on the Environment-General tab of Tools/Options dialog. These are:

Open Object Explorer
Open New Query Window
Open Object Explorer and new query
Open Object Explorer and Activity Monitor
Open Empty Environment

Of these the fastest start up option is the empty environment as no connections are made. One advantage of changing the option here is that it will have the same effect if you start Management Studio from the menu, a shortcut or at a command prompt.

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