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Published 20 August 09 06:39 AM | MartinBell

At SQLBits Goes Forth in Manchester we gave out as part of the goody bag a mug.  What we want you to as part of this competition is send us a photo of you and your mug in the most unusual of places. 

Examples might be

  1. You and your mug on the peak of K2
  2. You and your mug enjoying a Schnapps with Angela Merkel
  3. You and your mug on the International Space Station

You can upload your pictures to http://www.sqlbits.com/competition.aspx and the competition will close on 21.09.2009 and be drawn on 23.09.2009.

If you do not have a mug then fear not, go up to the competition area of the site http://www.sqlbits.com/competition.aspx and you can print off a DIY version.  Glue this to a real mug and take a picture, just like Blue Peter.

Even if you don’t win then we would still love to see you at the event.  If you book early for the 2 paid days then you can take advantage of some Early Bird Discounts.   Remember the Saturday is free so failing everything else we hope to see you there.

Terms and Conditions

This prize is only valid for SQLBits 5 "SQL Bits Goes West", 19th-21st November 2009 At Celtic Manor, Newport

There is no monetary equivalent of the prize.  If you can't make the dates then don't enter

The competition is open to everyone except, committee members, their families and tennis partners.

Things not included in the prize

                Travel to and from the venue

                Drinks/Meals - outside of those provided during the days themselves

                Extra Room charges (minibar etc)

The winner is chosen by the SQLBits Organising Committee and the result is considered final

The name of the competition winner will be used on materials promoting the event.

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