To all partners of SQL Server DBAs and Developers...

Published 20 September 09 08:03 PM | MartinBell

This is an open letter to any partner of a SQL Server DBA, Developer or BI practitioner regardless of gender or age!

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a partner of a SQL Server DBA I am sure you may be aware of the quirkily named SQLBits conferences organized in various parts of the country twice each year. Your partner may have disappeared for a weekend and returned enthused and eager to try out the many new things they have learnt, all SQL related unfortunately. Up to now this may have been a bit of a chore having to put up with them going on about SQL this and SQL that, but now that doesn’t have to be the case.

The next SQLBits conference, cunningly called “SQLBits goes West” will be at the luxurious Celtic Manor Golf and Spa resort; perfect for a well deserved relaxing weekend away.

If your partner books before the 30th September they will save up to £200 on the registration fee. That’s £200 that you could use on one of the Spa Experience days provided by the resort. Alternatively you could just choose your own combination from their range of therapies, massages or holistic treatments on offer; including the Rasul Mud Ritual, Dry Floatation and Hydrotherapy, Facials, Manicures and Pedicures.

So make sure your partner signs up at before 30th September so that you can indulge in the relaxing weekend that you are entitled to, at one of the top Health Spas in the UK.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Bell

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Here is the interesting invitation to your partner and strong case for you to attend SQLBits conference

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