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18 April 10 10:21 PM | MartinBell | 1 comment(s)

It was funny waking up on a Saturday morning and SQLBits being over and not having to rush off to the venue.

Don’t forget to fill in your feedback for the sessions at www.sqlbits.com/sessionfeedback and the whole conference at www.sqlbits.com/conferencefeedback, and get put into the draw for an Xbox. We’ve had lots of complements from lots of people and also some very positive tweets. It was great to see so many people stopping on for the social event at the end of the conference.

In the final count we had 438 delegates attend yet another record Big Smile

Thanks to everyone who attended for making this such a great event. We had anticipated that the “ash cloud” would cause us some problems; we were very fortunate that only one speaker had to pull out because of it.

We appreciate all the volunteers who helped us out. I’d particularly like to thank Dave Ballantyne and James Boother who did a sterling job manning the reception and information desk all day. In another act of outstanding dedication one of our helpers, Gary Short drove all the way from Scotland just to be with us.

Don't forget that  there are many community events being held throughout the country here are the ones mentioned on the end slides:

April 2010

Monday 21st  Newcastle - SQL Injection Attacks & how to prevent them - nebytes.net

Wednesday 23th  Reading - Dev/DBA focused meeting - SQLServerFAQ.com


May 2010

Friday 7th   Online - Database Design part 1 - SQLServerFAQ.com

Tuesday 18th   Birmingham - Simon Sabin's SQL Sequel - Nextgenug.net

Wednesday 19th   London - Dev/DBA focused meeting - SQLServerFAQ.com

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