Great feature…. or not!!

Published 16 July 10 09:15 PM | MartinBell

I noticed a feature in SQL Server 2008 which I couldn’t remember seeing before, it’s remarkable that you can use something every day and still not know everything about it.

This feature was added for SQL Server 2008.. it’s not the ability to script drop and create objects which a very welcome and great new feature. The feature that I had overlooked was the ability to script and object as a job.


What a fantastic feature and I can’t wait to use it.. but I think I may be waiting a long time to use it (ignoring this post!!!)


For implementing DDL changes this may be ok for small updates, but it probably wouldn’t make it past a change review process because there is no error handling or contingency. Then if the code generated is not sufficient what is the point of scripting it to a job? If writing additional code would be best done in SSMS so why not script directly to a SSMS window and create the job when it has been fully written and tested? Scripting inserts/updates will always need to be changed doing this in the step details window of a job will not give you all the features that a SSMS query windows will have.

If I am missing something I’m sure you will let me know!

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