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If you are not a DBA then this may be of interest you!!
02 September 10 08:00 PM | MartinBell | with no comments

After some thought we’ve decided to change Buck Woody’s training day session. Instead of doing a full day on career development he will be doing a session on SQL Server for the Non DBA.

This is a great session for anyone that has been thrown into running their SQL Servers or has just started out with SQL Server and needs to know the core information to make sure they’re not going to be sacked for loosing the companies data.

If you’re in that situation, or perhaps you’re looking to become a data professional as a career advancement, this workshop is for you. Buck Woody, Microsoft’s “Real World DBA” will show you how to start with the basics and work all the way through a full database project, learning the tools, components and best practices along the way. In this one-day class, you’ll go hands-on to learn the basic steps and knowledge that you need to become a data professional. Buck works at Microsoft, teaches a database class at the University of Washington, and writes and speaks professionally. He’s also mentored technical professionals, and taught this course in three countries. Topics covered include: 

  • SQL Server Architecture
  • Server and Database Components
  • Tools and utilities for working with SQL Server
  • Designing a simple database project
  • The Basics of Transact-SQL
  • A security primer
  • Maintenance and Monitoring basics

During the session, you’ll create a full database project, so you’ll need a laptop with a Microsoft Operating System (XP or higher) and good note-taking skills.  To register for the session go to the Registration page

Buck Woody

Buck (blog | twitter) is a SQL Server Senior Technical Specialist for Microsoft, working with enterprise-level clients to develop data platform architecture solutions within their organizations. He has over twenty years professional and practical experience in computer technology in general and database design and implementation in specific. He is a popular speaker at TechEd, PASS and many other conferences; the author of over 400 articles and five books on SQL Server; and he teaches a Database Design course at the University of Washington.
For more on buck and what he’s done in the past look at his resume

SQLBits early bird discount ending Friday
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Just a reminder that the Early bird discount for SQLBits will be closing tomorrow (Friday 3rd September) so make sure that you have signed up and paid by midnight to get the £100 for each of the charged days. To register go to

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