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End to End Spatial Solution
09 April 11 08:04 PM | MartinBell | with no comments

In this morning lightening talk at SQLBits VIII, Daniel Gaze and Neal Atkinson from the Manchester SQL Server User Group talked about the process of getting spatial data into SQL Server. We had a great discussion at the last user group meeting on this very topic and it prompted them to write a paper on exactly how they did it. Everyone using spatial data in this way must hit the same problems; so because they have already been through the process of piecing together everything and making it work, they wanted to share this information, especially as they couldn't find a good resource that explained it all. This includes:


  • Importing Ordnance Survey data of 1.7 million uk postcodes
  • Transforming the code so it contains Lat/Long coordinates that can be displayed on mapping software such as bing/google/reporting services
  • A simplified (pre 1996) traditional UK Counties polygon dataset.
  • A sql script to link postcode to the polygon dataset using sql spatial methods.
  • Some reporting services reports displaying heat maps and postcode locations.



I'm posting it on my blog because they would like others to benefit from their experiences. In the talk the guys showed some pretty sexy heat maps which they had created.

Their presentation can be found here and the  white paper can be found here.
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