Calling DTUtil recursively from Powershell

Published 01 December 11 10:47 PM | MartinBell

I’ve used DTUtil numerous times to load SSIS packages, but usually it is to load one or more packages to the same location. From the command prompt you can use a command such as

FOR %i in (*.dtsx) DO DTUTIL –File “%i” –Decrypt SecretPassword –Destserver SQLServerInstance –Encrypt SQL; “%~ni”; 5

If you are not familiar with DTUIL check out the
documentation on MSDN.

Using the above command is fine if you have all the packages in one directory and they all go to the same destination. If you have multiple directories containing files then you will need to repeat the command for each directory. With Powershell it is very easy to recurse through directories and process each file and there are many example available such as
this one that will give you a quick start.

The main issue using DTUtil is that if you try to copy a package to a folder that doesn’t exist DTUtil will automatically create the folder, therefore for each directory you need to check the existence of the destination folder. To do this I have used DTUTIL and the /FE flag, then checking the $LASTERROR variable tells me if it exists.

The whole script can be found HERE. There are other ways of doing this, but combining this utility with Powershell gives you a quick solution to the problem.

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