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Collations in a FK relationship
16 March 11 09:48 PM | MartinBell | 1 comment(s)
A post that shows that the collations for columns in a foreign key relationship must match the collations of the columns of the index that they refer to...
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Changing database collations with Powershell
07 March 11 09:02 PM | MartinBell | 5 comment(s)
Changing a database collation is not necessarily the easy task it may initially seem to be. Because it can be quite complex Powershell seems a good choice for the tool to write your conversion script....
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Using Powershell to not script database collations for columns
19 November 10 10:10 PM | MartinBell | with no comments
When it comes to column collations SMO doesn't readily do what I want it to do, so I thought I could use the power of Powershell to overcome it!...
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Tired of changing collations!
08 September 09 08:25 PM | MartinBell | 1 comment(s)
For a long time changing the collation of a database has not been a straight forward issue some of which are not immediately apparent....
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