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Changing SQL Server Port with Powershell
07 May 12 05:48 PM | MartinBell | 1 comment(s)
Powershell will be even more important when managing SQL Server on Windows Server Core so it's time to build up your toolbox of scripts....
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Powershell Snapins with SQL 2012
08 December 11 07:23 PM | MartinBell | 2 comment(s)
When you make the convert your powershell scripts to run on SQL Server 2012 it won't be able to simple task of loading the SqlServerCmdletSnapin110 and SqlServerProviderSnapin110 snapins...
Calling DTUtil recursively from Powershell
01 December 11 10:47 PM | MartinBell | with no comments
Using DTUtil to load SSIS packages is very easy if all the files are in one directory or go to one destination. If they aren't using Powershell will be useful....
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Using Powershell to remove strings in files
31 October 11 10:12 PM | MartinBell | 1 comment(s)
One problem with building databases using batch files is the sys,sys_dependencies messages....
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Volume Freespace
25 July 11 10:08 PM | MartinBell | with no comments
In my last blog post I talked about a problem where the incorrect permissions on a mount point directory causes a spurious error message regarding space on the root drive. Whilst investigating the problem I needed to find out the space available on the...
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Finding out how much space is used by filestream files
25 June 11 11:10 PM | MartinBell | with no comments
A question about how to find out how much space is being used on for FileStream data a the Manchester user group inspired me to produce this Powershell script....
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SMO Enumerations in Powershell
17 March 11 11:20 PM | MartinBell | 1 comment(s)
Sometimes and example is the quickest way to see how to do something. Unfortunately when you can find one it can make it very difficult to work out what to do. SMO enumerations was one example of this so when I worked out what to do I submitted the example to MSDN. This post shows the enumeration for a termination clause and a recoverymodel....
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Collations in a FK relationship
16 March 11 09:48 PM | MartinBell | 1 comment(s)
A post that shows that the collations for columns in a foreign key relationship must match the collations of the columns of the index that they refer to...
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Changing database collations with Powershell
07 March 11 09:02 PM | MartinBell | 5 comment(s)
Changing a database collation is not necessarily the easy task it may initially seem to be. Because it can be quite complex Powershell seems a good choice for the tool to write your conversion script....
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Signing Powershell scripts
16 February 11 10:08 PM | MartinBell | 2 comment(s)
Only executing signed certificates will improve security when running powershell...
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