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Great feature…. or not!!
16 July 10 09:15 PM | MartinBell | with no comments
Sometime you wonder why a feature is released, not because it is buggy or incomplete, but because it just doesn't seem to be useful....
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How to display long text in SSMS
25 October 09 10:15 PM | MartinBell | 5 comment(s)
Displaying long text in SQL Server Management studio is not that good. If you need to display more than the number of characters that SSMS limits you to, then what are the options?...
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Speeding up SQL Server Management Studio Startup
23 July 09 08:30 PM | MartinBell | 2 comment(s)
One of the tips from the SQL Nuggets competition I ran at the Leeds Area user group this week was to use the –NOSPLASH option to speed up the start up of Management Studio....
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