Little deployment utility (for DTUTIL)

Today I did not want to use the package deployment wizard so I decided to automate a little our package deployment by using a batchfile with DTUTIL commands.

I've created an Excel file with some expressions so the user just need to fill in some mandatory fields and afterwards only need to copy-paste the commands into a batch file:

  • Package\Name - the names (without extension) need to be filled into the big green area
  • Package\Path - this is the exact path in the file system for the folder the dtsx files are stored in
  • MSDB\Server - the server and instance name where MSDB is (it is the Database Engine server, not the SSIS!)
  • MSDB\Folder - where you want to put your packages inside MSDB

That's all! And if the target MSDB folder does not exists just run the command from the 7th row!


Having deployed your packages you might want to execute them with the proper config file. I suggest creating a job for it (for which I didn't created a help like this), but otherwise turn to sheet DTEXEC, fill the 4 green cells and execute the only command you can see there :)

I hope someone would find it handy Big Smile

The Excel file is available at my sendspace area.

Published Friday, February 20, 2009 11:36 AM by MartinIsti
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