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SQL Server User Group Session in Reading this Wednesday  (21st April 2010 6pm - 10pm)

Along with Tony Rogerson MVP, I {Neil Hambly} will be presenting @ the forthcoming User Group meeting @ Microsoft Campus, Reading

Tony will be presenting the session he gave @ SQLBits VI on Thinking Sets, Normalisation, Surrogate Keys, Referential Integrity
This is very insightful and was a very popular session.

I will be continuing my recent presentation on Indexed views @ London UG, this time i will be doing a talk-tutorial on 2 subjects in the one session, these are subjects I have been asked a lot about recently - Service Broker (An introduction to the technology) and Indexing (Types, Selectivity, Usage Analysis )

Along with round table; group discussion; refreshments and networking it promises to be a great evening - Hope to see you there

Remember you need to Register for the event, use the following link for the full agenda and to register or visit http://sqlserverfaq.com/


Recent presentation I gave @ London UG "Using Indexed Views and Computed Columns for Performance"




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Now I admit I've had mixed feelings on the certification subject previously and of a result I've not looked @ going down the MS Certification route, however with my previous experience this really hasn't hindered my progress any (Thankfully).

However as I now have a different perspective for a number of varying reasons of which I will not bore you with the details.

I will be undertaking some exams (6 of them) for accredition so right now I'm just formulating my study plans,  with my overall goal to complete during these coming months, so armed with my previous knowledge and experience's I believe this is something I can achieve with some concerted effort, Improving my SQL knowledge has always been something I have enjoyed, getting certified is just one way in which I can validate my knoweldge for me personally and others.

So Here I Come:  MCITP 2008: Database Administrator; Database Developer; Business Intelligence Developer

Wish me luck and I will blog about my experiences on my certification quest during the the coming months.

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TechDays are coming week, with the "SQL Server 2008 R2" Launch conference being held on the Thursday (15th April) and followed by the much anticipated SQLBits VI the following day (16th April)So we thought this an ideal opportunity to hold a SQL Social evening for those fortunate enough to be able to attend those conferences or just wanted to join us for the evening

It is being held @ "The Bull" Pub @ Westfield centre (only a short walk from the venue of t the “SQL Server 2008 R2”  launch conference), commencing shortly after the conference ends.

We are planning a fun-based evening around “SQL”, with some complementary food provided and some cool swag to be won (we are having a quiz) with drinks will be available @ their excellent barThe agenda (and other details can be found by visiting our website http://sqlserverfaq.comPlease do register if you are planning to attend, this helps use provide better events and use of our resources, remember you can follow us via twitter using tags #uksqlug #sqlfaqWe are sure this will be a very popular event, we look forward to seeing you there and having a great evening together

Cheers Neil


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