SQL UserGroup Events & Service Broker

I'm sure you are now aware of the SQL UserGroup events (both in London) on Wednesday 19th & Thrusday 20th evenings, If you have never been to one of the events before then I would highly reconmend attending one or both of them.

Covering a wide range of subjects these meetings are an invaluable way to gain insights into various features from SQL experts (both presenters and attendees alike) frequently you will learn new insights and gain different perspectives on how to use those features & technologies in the real-world, not to mention a great way to network with your peers.

I will be doing a session on the Wednesday event on "Service Broker" - So if you would like to know more then simply register and I will see you later this week, for a complete listing of all the other topics and to register for these events 

http://sqlserverfaq.com/ (See Coming Event) , also don't forget to spend some time reviewing the recent blog links and other content - We have a new section "Cuppa Corner Screencasts"

To top this all off @ this weeks meetings we will be providing details for the chance to win a FREE place on the "Must See" 1-day seminar with Kimberly Tripp & Paul S. Randal on 17th June (London - Heathrow).


For those of you who tweet, you can follow us using #sqlfaq

Published Monday, May 17, 2010 11:30 PM by NeilHambly


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