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Having Read a few blogs on various SQL people setting their "Goals" for the Year ahead, and having some clearly defined SQL based goals already in mind.I have decided to share these for others to see and ask me from time-time how I'm progressing with them, so although no particular priorities in mind here are my chosen goals for 2011  SQL conferences & Training Events·         SQLCruise (June 2011) Alaska - I'm booked on this one already!!·         SQL Master Week # 1 (April/May 2011) Master Immersion Event on Internals and Design·         SQL Master Week # 2 (June 2011) – Depending on Dates not clashing with SQLCruise Master Immersion Event on Performance Tuning·         SQLPass Summit (Really must go this year’s event)·         SQL BITs 8 / 9 Eventso   Attend & Present @ 1 of theo   Possible Pre-Con on Core (SQLOS, Governor, Extended Events etc..) if I can get enough interesto   Setup & help run SQLFAQ Events @ the conference·         SQL FAQ London (10-12 Events) organise & present @ (min 6 events) ·         Do Presentations @ 6-8 other locations (non-London).·         XMAS event… organise a good one as this years was LAME etc...Exams·         Study & Pass the following 4 Pre-Requisite Exams (Hmmm time for some serious study)·         70-432·         70-450·         70-433·         70-451·         Compile my “MCM Study Notes” (OneNote) for MCM Certification” and keep it going·         Exam 88 970: SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master: Knowledge Exam (Pass)·         Exam 88 971: SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master: Lab Exam (Pass/min 1 Attempt)·         READ: 3+ SQL Technical BooksUltimate GOAL is to obtain MCM SQL Server 2008 in 2011 or 1st half 2012 Writing·         2+ Published Articles·         Complete app design for SQL Product {its top Secret yet. still in mental design phase}·         Work on my 100-page SQL ebook (Exactly 100 pages) on 1 or 2 in-depth SQL TopicsCommunity         ·         Build Relationships & promote online resources:  LinkedIN , SQLFAQ Website, SQLBlogcasts·         Forum Activity (Weekly activity)·         Twitter – Regular activity on various Tags build following (target 1000 followers)·         Blogs (min 40 in year) mostly technical

·         10-15 speaking engagements


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