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Firstly let me quickly give you a quick review of my community activities during 2010

Although it was a HUGE improvement on any previous years I still feel I could have achieved more, so as a result I have sat myself down and actually set some actual goals I would like to attempt to achieve.

I will list those below but before here is a quick summary of my events during 2010


Presentations: Having started to present regular UG presentations in 2010 (March) I have done 10 Presentations, throughout the UK

Neil's rating 8/10 - 10 Sessions under my belt in 2010, hoping to increase that to 15 or more in 2011


Twitter: Since I joined the SQL Twitterati (late March) and haven't looked back since

Neil's rating 8/10 - I need to continue to build this resource and make it far more effective tweets on SQL topics - 250+ SQL Followers


LinkedIn: New Group entry, that I have helped to promote and run several discussions on SQL topics - we achieved 1000+ members in  a few months

Neil's rating 7/10 - again want to focus some more time on this to continue to build this resource


Conferences: Attend 2 Events (both SQLBits 6 & 7) and was a presenter of a session @ SQLBits 7

Neil's rating 7/10 - Good start, I need to hopefully do further sessions @ SQLBits and other conferences in 2011


Blogs: Hmm - not as much as I would have liked with only 19 posts (14 Technical & 5 on social events).. this was since March and also included 2 months in June/July with no posts as I had just started new role and was concentrating on that for a short while, and later this year when I was ill  Neil's rating 6/10 - can improve lot much in this area


Forums: Hardly spent time on this area, so have a lot of work to do in 2011 to rectify that

Neil's rating 4/10 - I need to spend time in the forums, helping answer questions that come up


Other stuff: Did do a 1 day (charity event) to aid RedCross to look @ their SQL challenges


Neil's rating 4/10 - I need to do @ least 2-3 charity events - will have to think on that some in next few weeks



Neil's Overall rating 7/10 - Become a more established UK SQL Person and help any & all SQL community in whatever way I can.


So after having read quite a few blogs from various SQL people setting their own "Goals" for the Year ahead, and having some clearly defined SQL based goals already in my mind, I have decided to share these for others to see and ask me from time-time how I'm progressing with them, so although no particular priorities in mind here are my chosen goals for 2011  


So right its finally time for what I have planned in 2011, here is my summary of those personal SQL Goals


SQL Conferences & Training Events

  • v SQLCruise (June 2011) Alaska - I'm booked on this one already!!
  • v SQL Master Week # 1 (June 2011)Master Immersion Event on Internals and Design
  • v SQLPassSummit (Really must go this year's event)
  • v SQL BITs 8 / 9 Events - present & attend @ 1 or hopefully both of these


  • v SQL FAQ London (10-12 Events) organise these & also present @ some of them aiming to do a min of 8 events this year
  • v More Presentations @ 6-8 other locations (non-London), including maybe even doing a 1 full day event (if I can)
  • v XMAS 2011 event this year to organise good event and preparing for it well in advance.


Study & Pass the following 4 Pre-Requisite Exams (Hmmm time for some serious study sessions)

  • v 70-432
  • v 70-450
  • v 70-433
  • v 70-451

Work on compiling my "MCM Study Notes" (OneNote) for MCM Certification" and keep it going throughout         


  • v Exam 88 970: SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master: Knowledge Exam (Pass)
  • v Exam 88 971: SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master: Lab Exam (Pass or try an attempt @ least)
  • v READ: 3+ SQL Technical Books

Ultimate GOAL is to obtain MCM SQL Server 2008 in 2011 or 1st half 2012 


  • v 2+ Published Articles
  • v Complete an app design for SQL Product {its top Secret as yet. It's still in my mental design phase}
  • v Work on an 100-page SQL eBook (Exactly 100 pages) in-depth SQL Topic (again will furnish more details in due course)


  • v Build further Relationships & promote the online resources:LinkedIN , SQLFAQ Website, SQLBlogcasts
  • v Forum Activity (Weekly activity)
  • v Twitter - Regular activity on various Tags build following (target 500-600 followers)
  • v Blogs (min 30 in the year) mostly technical - but not all


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