MCM Preperations - how it's going

Since the announcement in November 2010 that the MCM SQL Server 2008 Training program had been revamped, read more on that here

Experienced SQL Professionals now have more opportunity to undertake this advanced certification,
Where they previously might not have been able to undertake for a variety of reasons, {time, money, location etc..}

With a few announcements of those who has recently undertaken & passed the revamped MCM SQL Server 2008 Program
Denny Cherry & Maciej Pilecki (Well done to both Denny & Maciej on achieving their MCM status)

So I decided back in November 2010 to personally undertake the training needed to prepare me for taking the knowledge exam & lab
I thought that during this extensive "training period" I was planning to complete and the extensive material I would be covering

I wanted an efficient And portable way to track my notes
Hence I decided to put together an online notes on this using OneNote (via Skydrive), I can review, edit it online as well as in the offline application
OneNote 2010 @

In January their website was updated and this included this new following section  - which includes a link to my online OneNote training resource

17.5 Third-party readiness resources
Microsoft does not sponsor or endorse the following listed sites or their services or products. However, these resources may be able to provide you with advanced-level preparation.
• MCM: SQL Server online training (
• MCM: SQL Server training notes (community blog and resource site)
• #mcmprep hash tag ( 

I don’t know if anyone will use this resource outside me, but I hope it will be useful to some in their training efforts (even if not taking the MCM Exams
Finally good luck to all who do undertake these exams - I'm a way off still but having a blast in my training efforts
Even going to be treating myself to a cruise soon for all the hard effort, but it is a after all

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Thursday, February 17, 2011 7:24 AM by jamiet

# re: MCM Preperations - how it's going

This is great stuff Neil. Thank you for taking the time to make notes and thank you again for making them public.