Crappy Code - Meets London for 1st time

I knew it all along I’m both a winner and @ the same time it appears also full of crap (code that is), if don’t know what I’m talking about – where have you been and do try to keep up

I was to be found in a darkened room for the 1st Annual Crappy Code Games held in London

So on 31st March I arrived @ Revolution Bar (Tower Hill) and prepared to do battle {ok, it’s not quite as dramatic as all that but with my USB key @ the ready and a head full of ideas {some even to do with the competition I hasten to add} I was a willing entry into challenges for the modern code warrior, I selected my spot and set about the challenges….

Firstly before I delve in, Let me add that the combination of a dark room + ultra bright LCD + dark keyboard on an uneven surface and a mouse with a mind of it’s own can make for some interesting moments and I swear half the time I couldn't figure out if I was going left or right, forward or backwards.. but not to be put off I stumbled my way around (literally) trying to eek out even further performance of my "code" from the “IO Beast” before me, with lot’s of encouragement (or I think that was what it was being shouted @ me) I tried a myriad of different combinations… some helped, most didn’t but I tried to learn from each in some way

After a few brow beating moments and the clock ticking away we (I say we as I felt I had a TEAM with me on that night) I finally run the code and posted our (my entry) in for judging decisions…

Here’s what happened next

A few tense moments ensured when we all felt like x-factors or some other TV show contestant’s and the results where drawn in descending order for the Prizes

those being Bronze, Silver & Gold

Up first was the Bronze prize and the recipient of an iPod or XBOX  {not sure which} which I think was for Competition D , this was awarded to {Err I seem to have forgotten his name……..anyone help me with this please :-)

Next was Silver prize and also XBOX prize {again not sure if that's 100% correct as I wan'ts paying enough attention @ the time}, and this was awarded to

<cough, clears thorats>.. your not going to believe me but not sure who this was as well.. {what is wrong with me......}

Finally it was the Gold Prize and (? How did that happened) I  managed to win that one MYSELF for my 2 Winning entries in Competition A & B (I had some stiff completion from all accounts) and was the VERY "proud” owner of a Sony Vaio laptop (Cheessy grin follows:)

Along with some iPods where also drawn in raffles thoughout the evening, those lucky spectators went home with those goodies as well – add to the mix free food, drinks and chance to meet with some fellow geeks and talk SQL Shop and see the awesome FusionIO board for real

The final is this coming Thursday in Brighton and “the Woz” steve-wozniak will be there himself, it promises to be a fabulous night and I for one will be there to se how it all unfolds

.. Let’s not to mention the whole SQLBits conference (Biggest ever) and a quick plug for my own session on the Saturday @ 09:30

So don’t be late - get there early and have breakfast with us - so you don't miss it or any of the other sessions lined up (only for those lucky registered folks !)

Finally a VERY HUGE thanks to FusionIO for putting on a wonderful new event.

Plus every one got a Goody bag with some great stuff <believe me it was worth attending just for those>

See you all in Brighton later his week

P.S I will found lurking in & aorund the "Community corner" @ times during the conference

Published Sunday, April 3, 2011 11:48 PM by NeilHambly


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