Bug in Log Growths in 4GB increments (fixed for SQL2008R2)

SQL Server like other software unfortunately has bugs, and thankfully these are often resolved in the subsequent Service Packs & Hotfixes released

One such bug was the incorrect growth of the log file, if the growth increment was any multiple of 4GB - it doesn't grow with the expected growth size


For those who didn't know

As log growths are split in a number of equally sized number of VLFs, with that number of VLFs dependent on the overall growth increment size

For a growth increment that is less than 64MB, this will grow the file in 4 VLFs (equally sized), and with a growth increment size between 64MB to 1GB this is in 8 VLFs, finally for the growths > 1GB this is in 16 VLFs

Paul Randal blogged on this bug way back in May 2010 - that's when I learned about the 4GB increment issue


I recommend that you also read this entry VLFs by Kimberly http://www.sqlskills.com/BLOGS/KIMBERLY/post/Transaction-Log-VLFs-too-many-or-too-few.aspx#ixzz1lXeN9jNy

Subsequently my growths have been primarily in 2GB Growths, thus 16 VLFs each being 128MB (Once this hotfix is in place I can perhaps use the 4GB interval I want larger VLFs)

Finally a Connect item can help highlight such issues and ultimately even get us a fix - I try to review these regularly and vote for those you agree should be resolved


Well for SQL Server 2008R2 this is being now addressed with the SP1+CU4 or CU11, details are documented in this KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2633151

It doesn't seem that there is also a fix for SQL Server 2008 - if this does become known I blog those details also

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