NomCom Election

I've waited until I got confirmation that I would indeed be included on the slate of applications for the 2012 NomCom Committee before publishing this blog

Now I have been given the GREEN light on that from PASS

I want to provide you with some brief background about myself, as you may not know me well or have no idea even who I am.

I also wanted to give you some insight into why I submitted my application to be a part of this NomCom committee, so I think it is useful to answer the key question for you "Why I want to be part of the NomCom committee"

Firstly, let me begin with a summary background on myself, I'm Neil Hambly, based in the United Kingdom, I work full-time as a Database Architect for MDSL and Proud to be a SQL family member

I've been a SQL Server Professional for the past 13 years and in that time have worked in many of the different roles our profession DBA, Developer, BI Specialist and now as an Architect, I got interested in the
SQL community after attending local user-group events in London some years back, after attending a few of these I got to know the Leader of that user-group Tony Rogerson, he is a well-known long-time MVP in the UK.

As some point I got the gentle nudge to speak @ one of the events and after agreeing to do and then duly preparing my 1st session, which was on "Indexed Views and Computed Columns" on the 17th March 2010  I presented to a pack house of around 100+ SQL people in London. It is needless to say after this I was completely hooked and then went on to speak @ further SQL Events in the UK during 2010, with even my 1st Conference appearance @ SQLBits in York in October 2010, Luckily I have been a presenter & volunteer @ each SQL Bits since (4 in a row, I'm so fortunate) 

I asked to become more involved in the background duties of the London User-Group and was eagerly welcomed to the UG family with a lot of encouragement and support, after running some events and asking other UG leaders
to speak @ their events I gradually started to become a regular face @ UK and other international events, over the last 2 years so tally includes the following

International: Summit 2011 {310 ppl - 9th highest attended session), SQL Rally 2012, 24HOP & 4 SQL Saturday's (in 4 Countries) and most recently SQL Day in Poland

UK: SQL Relay 2011 & 2012, SQLBits 7,8,9,10 & SQL in the City {London} , and around 20+ UG events - and soon helping host a new UG in Belfast Northern Ireland in August

Also in the UK I have taken part in GiveCamp (Oct 2011) and will be soon taking part in Dev4Good (July 2012), and also proud to be part of group who are going to TechED Europe (Amsterdam) to help staff the PASS Booth
and represent the organization, I think my drive to become a regular and committed SQL Server community member is fairly evident from these multiple events and if you have meet me @ any of the events

So onto the Question: "Why I want to be part of the NomCom committee"

Looking back over the past couple of years, we have made considerable progress as an organization, with the huge explosion of new events {many many} SQL Saturdays and the SQL Rally's, along with the Virtual Chapters
and 24HOP successful virtual events, the attendance @ events is steadily growing and new members join us each month, however we have seen some controversial event, especially in our recent elections.

This has revealed we do still have some way to go, to grow into an organization in which we can all be proud to be members of, with fair unbiased decisions and integrity visible at all the levels, should be one of our primary goals we constantly strive to achieve, If I was fortunate to be elected I would undertake my duties with the upmost care and dedication, as it would allow me to bring my passion for the SQL Community by helping identify those who would be worthy of representing us all and to take us closer towards our goals, this does require that we elect the suitable individuals who possess both the communication and leadership skills, this is why I would like to undertake the NomCom committee challenges to ensure we are putting forward those who would enable us to reach our goals

I'm of course counting on some of your votes in this NomCom election.  Wish me Luck

Don't forget you can visit the "Elections" to view all us 12 NomCom candidates and see progress on the election

Here is my Election page


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Good luck and I wish to see you in the committee :-).